what is a gastric sleeve

What Is A Gastric Sleeve: All about Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery

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    Classified as obese with a BMI of 40 or more

    Have a BMI 30 but experience some diseases due to obesity

    Suffer from sleep apnea

    Have a dangerous disease because of obesity

    Obese people who always fail to lose weight with diet

    Obese children and adults

Do you have any of the above criteria? If you do not have the above criteria, the surgeon will not perform this procedure. What are a gastric sleeve and the above measures should be considered before visiting the surgeon?

So, gastric sleeve is only recommended for obese people who can not lose weight by means other than weight loss surgery. Gastric sleeve is not just for adults, but children who are overweight can also undergo this surgery. This procedure is considered useful to prevent various gastric sleeve risks due to obesity.


How Gastric Sleeve Work?

What is a gastric sleeve, how it works for your obesity? To undergo surgery, the doctor should make preparations with his team. Before you undergo this surgery, you should do some physical examination and blood tests. The purpose of this check is to make sure that you are the right candidate.

You should also consult an anesthesiologist to find out how much anaesthetic will be used during the procedure. During surgery, you get a total bias throughout the body, except your stomach. After that, the doctor makes about 2 to 5 small incisions in your stomach. The purpose of creating this incision is to include a laparoscope equipped with a camera.

By using the tools inserted in one incision, some of your stomachs is removed by the doctor. Doctors leave only a portion of the stomach including the pylorus. After that doctors pinch the remaining belly so it looks like a banana. All gastric sleeve procedures are performed for about an hour.

After undergoing gastric sleeve surgery, you must stay in the hospital for two days. If it is necessary or your condition is not healthy, you must wait more than two days in the hospital. Before you go home, the doctor checks your condition. If there is a gastric leak or infection, you should undergo treatment until you are fully healthy and able to go home.


Gastric Sleeve Complications

What are the complications that can occur after gastric sleeve surgery? Do you already know what a gastric sleeve is? If you already understand it, you should also know what the complications or side effects of the weight loss plan are.

Some of the headaches of the gastric sleeve are: