Vegetarian Diet

Vegetarian Diet : What is, The Rule, Do and Don’t, Menu, Benefits and Side Effect

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    Prevents coronary artery blockage

One of the benefits of a vegetarian diet is to prevent heart disease. Vegetable foods help lower bad cholesterol levels. One of the problems that arise if cholesterol levels go up is the spilling of the coronary arteries. With the consumption of vegetables and fruits as a diet, you can prevent the problem.

    Prevent various diseases

Vegetarian weight loss program is used to prevent multiple infections. This is because the nutritional content of various vegetable sources is much healthier and low in fat. By undergoing this diet, you can avoid cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.

    Digestion smoothly

Vegetable materials rich in fiber and fiber are excellent for digesting the digestive system. However, you should consume the right amount of fiber. As with high-fiber diets, vegetarian diets are also rich in fiber and other nutrients. Therefore, this diet also helps to keep the digestion to stay smooth.

    Avoiding bad fats

The vegetable is a healthy source of fat that does not harm your body. By living a vegetarian program, you can avoid the bad fats that cause various diseases.


Vegetarian diet side effects

    Calcium deficiency

When undergoing a vegetarian diet, you should not consume milk or dairy products from milk. This can cause you to lack calcium. If you want to go on this diet and do not want a lack of calcium, you can consult a nutritionist. You can replace the source of calcium from milk with other vegetable materials such as broccoli, tempeh, tofu, and almonds.

    Vitamin deficiency

Also, you can experience calcium deficiency; you can also lack vitamins when going through a vegetarian diet. Consumption of plant-based ingredients can help you get a variety of vitamins. But there are some vitamins that you can not get from plant materials. These vitamins are vitamin B12, and vitamin D. Vitamin B12 and vitamin D can be found in eggs and dairy products. Since you do not consume eggs and milk when you go on a vegetarian diet, you may lack the vitamin.