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Mind Diet : What is, Rules, Menu, Benefits and Side Effects

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Mind diet is a weight loss program done by people who want to lose their weight. Mind diets, unlike other diets, this diet is not just aiming to lose weight alone. Mind diet also aims to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

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What is Mind Diet?

Mind diet is a diet that combines DASH diet with the Mediterranean diet. DASH or Dietary approaches to stop hypertension is a diet that aims to lower high blood pressure. DASH diet requires you to consume foods that can lower levels of sodium and blood pressure in the body. While the Mediterranean diet is a diet that limits the type of fatty foods and red meat. The foods you consume on a Mediterranean weight loss program are natural foods such as vegetables and fruits.

Mind diet or Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay developed Martha Clara Morris. Martha is a nutritionist from Rush University Medical Center. Combining these two types of diet can help the brain function and reduce the risk of dementia. Two kinds of foods namely Mediterranean diet and DASH diet is used to keep the memory of people entering the elderly. Therefore, the mind diet is a diet that focuses on maintaining brain health.


How does Mind diet work?

MIND diet has a principle to classify the types of foods that are considered healthy for the health of the body and brain. Also, you are also prohibited from eating some foods that can damage the brain. There are several types of foods that are recommended as diet foods that will help meet the nutritional needs of your mind.

The brain is a part of the body that is very susceptible to cell damage. The damage is caused by oxidative stress because it is free-radical. Oxidative stress and inflammation will interfere with brain health and cause Alzheimer’s disease. Therefore, you need special foods that can prevent free radicals. These particular meals can be obtained by undergoing MIND diet.

To follow the MIND diet, there is no established benchmark. You only eat more than ten foods recommended in this diet, then you should reduce the five foods your diet recommends. What you should eat is an antioxidant-rich diet to counteract free radicals and prevent oxidative stress. That way your brain will be awake and avoid from Alzheimer’s.


What can you eat for Mind diet?

There are some foods that you can consume while experiencing MIND diet; the food is probably right food for your brain health. Some of the foods consumed in this diet are foods rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants and vitamin E in green vegetables, fruits, olive oil, nuts and other sources are useful for protecting oxidative stress.

List the foods you consume while undergoing MIND diet

  • Green vegetable

Some of the green vegetables you can eat while on this diet are spinach, kale, salad and other green vegetables. Eat green vegetables at least once a day. It’s good if you consume green vegetables at least six times a week.

  • Other vegetables

In addition to consuming green vegetables, you should also eat other vegetables at least 1 serving in a day.

  • Poultry

Poultry is a menu that you can consume during a diet, especially turkey and chicken. Eat the meat at least 2 times a week. Avoid frying both types of birds when eating them.

  • Fruits

Fruits that are recommended to be consumed while undergoing MIND diet are berries. You can consume strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, and blackberry.

  • Beans

You can consume some kind of nuts for a diet snack. Nuts provide good nutrition for your brain and body health. Consume several types of nuts at least 5 servings each week.

  • Grains

Some grains contain fiber and nutrients that are good for your body and brain health. You can consume several types of grains at least 3 servings each day. Some of the grains you can eat are brown rice, oatmeal, quinoa, whole wheat pasta and whole wheat bread.

  • Fish

Fish is the best source to get the protein and omega 3 the brain needs. You can consume fish at least once a week. Some of the good fish you consume while undergoing MIND diet are salmon, sardines, tuna, mackerel, and trout. These fish have a very high content of omega 3 and help the success of your diet.

  • Olive oil

Use olive oil as the main cooking oil because this oil is very safe and healthy consumed especially when you go on a diet.

  • Wine

Red wine and good white wine you drink to maintain brain health. You can consume one glass of wine each day. Especially the red wine, this type of drink contains resveratrol which is useful to prevent and overcome Alzheimer’s disease.


What can’t you eat?

Some foods you cannot consume while undergoing MIND diet. Foods that you should not consume can cause problems in the brain or not good for your brain health. The food you can consume but only in small quantities, should not be excessive. Some of the foods you should limit contain saturated and trans fats. Trans fats can cause some diseases like heart and Alzheimer’s. While saturated fat if consumed in excess can disrupt brain health.

List of foods that you should limit when undergoing MIND diet:

  • Cheese

Reduce consumption of cheese at least you only consume cheese once a week.

  • Red meat

Some of the red meat you have to limit to eat is beef, lamb, and some of the processed meat. You should only consume the meat a maximum of 3 servings each week.

  • Butter and margarine

Avoid using margarine and butter when you are on a diet or afterward. You can use a healthier, more natural olive oil instead.

  • Fried food

Limit consumption of fried foods, especially foods you buy from restaurants. You can consume foods that are cooked only once a week.

  • Sweet foods

Reduce consumption of sweet foods because these foods can increase blood sugar levels and affect your weight gain. Some of these sweet foods include candy, ice cream, biscuits, donuts, brownies and other pastries. You can consume these meals up to 3 times a week.


Mind diet menu

Making menu MIND diet is not difficult, you can also create your own at home. In contrast to Jenny Craig’s weight loss program and Medifast diet that requires you to buy food packages. MIND diet makes it easy for you to manage the menu of food that you consume every day.

Below is an example of MIND diet menu that you can use for 1 week




You can drink a glass of wine each dinner to help the success of your MIND diet. You can add a peanut snack after dinner.


Mind diet pros

  • Easy to run

MIND diet is more natural to run because the menu you consume you can get easily. You can make the lists you want, as long as according to the rules of this diet.

  • Affordable cost

Because the food you eat can be your fruit, you can also save costs. Another case if you buy food packages that cost more when you undergo Medifast diet.



MIND diet Cons

  • You must count calories

You have to count the number of calories you need each. Because the food you consume you make your own, then you must carefully calculate the number of calories that enter the body.

  • Lack of support

You can undergo MIND diet without having to get support from a nutritionist. If you want to get support, you have to pay a professional nutritionist. Sometimes, without the help of the diet, you run fewer results or even fail.