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Mediterranean Diet : What is, Benefits, The Role, Menu, Side Effects, Pros and Cons

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The Mediterranean diet is often associated with a healthy heart and longevity.  Also, this diet is also perfect to use as a weight loss program, as long as you eat on a medium scale. And there are many other advantages when you go through this diet. For you to easily undergo Mediterranean diet, you can read this review.


What is Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean is the perfect selection for an ardent bodybuilder for seven primary explanations. For example, it is now seen as being much more a combination of things such as fish, nuts, fruit, and vegetables, rather than just fish itself. Also, it is a perfect dietary routine for a person who has diabetes. In addition to fish and seafood, it includes a wide array of different types of fresh fruits and vegetables.

The Mediterranean diet is indeed a method of life. A three-day diet isn’t long, and I was surprised how simple it was to adhere to the eating and workout plan. Nutrition is equally critical as exercising. It delivers the nutrition your body requires to work correctly, and moreover, it supplies a strong defense against diseases. The diet includes prevalent food things which are simple to prepare. For example, it is rich in fish and certain types of seafood. The low glycemic index diet isn’t difficult to follow.


How does Mediterranean diet work?

The Mediterranean weight loss program is truly a method of life. A three-day diet isn’t long, and I was surprised how simple it was to adhere to the eating and workout plan. Nutrition is equally critical as exercising. It delivers the nutrition your body requires to work correctly, and moreover, it supplies a strong defense against diseases.

It mainly emphasizes low-fat, low-cholesterol, and high-fiber foods. This diet reduces total fat, so calories are also reduced. Fat contains twice as many calories as carbohydrates and protein. This diet is excellent for use as a weight-loss program, as long as you eat on a medium scale. This diet utilizes food based on fruits, vegetables, olive oil, fish, whole grains, beans and a little milk. Mediterranean diet also includes a relaxed eating style and regular physical activity.


The Mediterranean Diet Benefits

The Mediterranean weight loss program is more popular because this diet is considered healthier than others. It’s provides many benefits to prevent various degenerative diseases, to reduce the risk of complications and death.

In the walnut these diet is a habit of the Greeks and Italians. However, today the Mediterranean is becoming very popular, especially with some of the benefits gained from this diet. Mediterranean diet benefits to be one option for anyone to streamline the body while maintaining their body health. You can get some benefits including reducing the risk of heart disease, hypertension, obesity and much more.


What can you eat for Mediterranean diet

The diet is a healthy diet that frees you to consume several kinds of fruits, vegetables, grains, fish, and tubers. Some other diets such as mayo weight loss program, Jenny Craig diet or ketogenic diet  weight loss program also require these types of foods.

Here are some foods you can consume while on a Mediterranean diet:

  • Vegetables

You can consume vegetables rich in fiber such as spinach, broccoli, kale, cauliflower, tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots

  • Fruit

Some fruits that contain fiber and high vitamin you can eat while undergoing this diet. You can eat pears, apples, strawberries, bananas, oranges, melons, grapes, watermelons, and dates

  • Grains

Grains become one of the snacks on a diet because of the fiber and nutrient content in it. Some of the grains consumed during the Mediterranean diet are whole grains, whole oats, brown rice, rice, corn, pasta, and bread

  • Fish

Fish is one source of omega 3 and protein you need every day, as well as on a diet. Some types of fish you consume are tuna, crab, salmon, shrimp, and mackerel.

  • Tubers

The types of tubers that you consume on a diet are potatoes, turnip, sweet potatoes and sweet potatoes

  • Oil and fat

Olive oil and avocado oil are the sources of fat you can consume on a Mediterranean diet

  • Eggs

Choose chicken eggs, duck eggs, and quail eggs for your diet

  • Milk

Some dairy preparations are allowed for your consumption while on this diet. You can consume cheese and yogurt but only in a certain amount.

  • Herbs and spices

Some mulling spices you can eat include miny, pepper, chili, onion, garlic, mint, and cinnamon.


How Mediterranean diet work?

The Mediterranean weight loss program works by emphasizing foods that are low in fat and low in cholesterol. But the weight loss program requires you to consume foods that are high in fiber. By reducing the consumption of fatty foods, then you can cut calories easily. Fat can reduce calories twice as much as you have to reduce protein and carbohydrates.

This diet requires you to consume fresh foods and only some foods that should be in though. To process food, you should avoid fried foods. Mediterranean diet is almost the same as Vegetarian diet and High fiber diet because you have to consume high fiber foods. The calorie and dietary portion of the diet are still taken into account, but you can consume some variations of delicious food. If you follow these dietary rules, then you can lose weight about 1 -2 pounds per week and can survive for long periods of time.


What can’t you eat for Mediterranean diet

  • Consumption of sugar
  • Soft drink
  • Trans fats
  • Various processed meats
  • Processed flour
  • Consumption of alcohol
  • Low-fat processed foods
  • Processed foods for diet


The Mediterranean Diet Role

The Mediterranean weight loss program is based on the consumption of traditional foods in Italy and Greece. This menu gives priority to foods rich in vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, antioxidants, proteins, and fats.

Some of the Mediterranean dietary patterns are:

  • Daily consumption

Daily consumption while on a diet is to make a varied menu. You can use some vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts and olive oil. Also, you should also consume cereals, whole grains, tubers, rice, and pasta. As for spices, you can use the spices.

  • Weekly consumption

Weekly consumption is some food that you only consume 2 to 3 times a week. Some of these foods are various types of fish or seafood.

  • Monthly consumption

Monthly consumption is some food that you can only consume 2 to 3 times in one month. Foods included in the monthly use are red meat and some sweet foods.

  • Feed in moderation

Medium foods are some foods you can consume daily or weekly but not too much. The types of foods in question are yogurt, cheese, eggs and white meat.


Steps apply the Mediterranean consumption pattern

  1. Consumption of fruits and vegetables

Get used to the use of fruits and vegetables for your daily food, then proceed to add and replace the portion of your food with vegetables and fruit slowly.

  1. Reduce salt

Start using the spices to reduce the consumption of salt. Spices make your food much healthier and more delicious.

  1. Healthy snacks

Choose a healthy snack that is by eating fruits and vegetables. You can also consume nuts as a snack. This way is to replace the snack containing sugar and flour.

  1. Consumption of whole grains

For your diet to give maximum results, you can add intake of whole grains as a diet.

  1. Replace red meat

Limit your consumption of red meat when you undergo a weight loss program. You can replace red meat with white meat and fish. You can still consume red meat, but only one to 3 times per month.

  1. Use olive oil

Olive oil is a healthy oil and is often used when dieting. Reduce intake of trans fat and saturated fat from oil with olive oil.

  1. Choose low-fat cheese

You may consume low-fat cheese but keep it in moderation. You should also limit the consumption of fat from dairy products.


Mediterranean diet Menu

There are many vegetables, fruits and other food items that you can consume while undergoing this diet. Below is a sample menu that you can use, you can add other menus by the rules of Mediterranean program.


Breakfast         oatmeal with milk

Lunch              eggs and vegetable salad

Dinner             fried tuna with olive oil


Breakfast         oatmeal

Lunch              red rice, chicken fillet soy sauce, and onions

dinner              Vegetables salad with olive oil


Breakfast         omelet and vegetables

Lunch              baked potato and roast beef

Dinner             fruit salad and yogurt

Mediterranean diet Pros

  • Easy to run

Mediterranean diet is easy to run because you do not have to buy food packages, do not have to consult a team of dietitians or dieticians. This weight loss program can you run even if you move every day.

  • Do not have to starve

When on a Mediterranean diet, we should consume fiber-rich foods so we can feel full longer. Foods that contain high fiber make us more full and not easily starved.

  • Easily create menus

You can quickly make various food menu while undergoing Mediterranean weight loss program. Some ways to prepare food for this diet is to boil, steam or grill.

  • No need to cost expensive

The Mediterranean diet menu is easy to get and can be purchased at an affordable price. You can buy some vegetables and fruits at a lower price than you have to buy delivery food for diet.

  • Meat consumption is still allowed

Unlike other diets, the Mediterranean diet still allows you to consume meat, even if only slightly. So, for those of you who do not want to eliminate the meat menu, you can consume it in a certain amount.

  • Has many benefits

This diet is not only helping to lose weight, but this diet is also beneficial for health. This benefit you can feel if you do this diet correctly.


Mediterranean diet cons

  • Challenging to do for those who do not like vegetables

This diet is not suitable for those who are lazy to consume vegetables every day. Mediterranean diet rules require you to eat more fiber foods than vegetables. If you are lazy to consume vegetables, then your diet will not work.

  • Not suitable for the lazy to exercise

Even if you consume foods that are low in fat, but you still have to use regularly. If you are lazy to exercise, this diet will not give maximum results.