does medicare cover gastric bypass

Does Medicare Cover Gastric Bypass

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    Duodenal Switch

Does Medicare cover gastric bypass and Duodenal Switch? The duodenal switch is a terrific concept to explore if they’re afflicted by obesity and have difficulties getting around daily. It can be done laparoscopically and is still a sought after surgery because it has the potential for the most weight loss. It requires a lifetime dietary change to reduce painful and unusually foul gas and prevent malnutrition. The surgery takes as many as 2 hours to finish. Weight loss surgery that’s also called bariatric surgery is now among the most popular surgical interventions sought by obese individuals.

Medicare Requirement for Weight Loss Surgery

Does Medicare cover gastric bypass? Medicare does cover the cost of your weight loss surgery, one of which is closing the gastric bypass cost. However, this can happen if you meet the requirements set by Medicare. Not all weight loss surgeries can be facilitated by Medicare. To obtain ease in operating costs, you must meet the criteria approved by Medicare.

Some of the criteria set by Medicare for weight loss surgery are:

    People who have a BMI of 35 or more

    People who have severe diseases associated with obesity such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, stroke and others.

    Written evidence stating that you have been obese for the last five years

    Written proof that you have participated in weight loss supervised by the medical team

    People who are overweight and have done various diet programs, but always fail to lose weight.

    Letters of written recommendation from doctors who support weight loss surgery

    Have passed the psychological test

    Some of the mental tests you have to undergo before getting Medicare services are the adrenal and thyroid adrenal tests.

Before you undergo gastric bypass surgery, you can consult your surgeon and Medicare. With the Medicare insurance program, you are much more likely to pay all the operating costs.

So, does Medicare cover gastric bypass or other weight loss surgery?