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Meal Delivery For Weight Loss: 21 Best Diet Food Delivery 2018

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    Gives you the choice to subscribe for weekly shipping or order without subscribing

    Help consumers looking to have the ability to cook their own meals

    Easy recipes to follow


    Only 4 recipes for the season


Per serving   $12.50

    Pete’s Paleo

Pete’s Paleo is meal delivery for weight loss. It will tell you just how to get Paleo eats for free, shipped right to your doorstep. It teaches you the way to eat Paleo and the way to do so in a manner that’s delicious, enjoyable and doesn’t leave you starving, having any idea what things to eat during the day. The Pete’s Paleo Cookbook supplies a diverse assortment of recipes which are more interesting than the conventional beef and broccoli paleo diets are accustomed to.

This Paleo meal delivery for weight loss is a distinctive group of gourmet paleo meals that provide paleo diets a collection of interesting and advanced meals. Pete’s Paleo is situated in San Diego and offers the choice of local pick up. Besides the amazing meals, it is possible also to order Pete’s Paleo Bacon, and I strongly advise that you give it a go. This meal delivery for weight loss described the book for an abundance of information on everything from where to source the finest and freshest ingredients to the way to make your very own all-natural health remedies and the way to rid your house of toxins.


    Offers local pick up choice

    Offers at least 100 recipes

    All types of Paleo meals that are easy to make

    Nutritious paleo meals to select from

    Delicious meals

    High-quality meals

    Discover the best ingredients in the nation.


Meal Plan Pricing/ meal Total Pricing/ weekly Includes
Vegetarian $12.90 $129 1 person wiht 6 sides/ day (for 5 days)