Life After Duodenal Switch Surgery : What to Expect

life after duodenal switch surgery
    Liquid food

The first week after surgery, you should consume food in liquid form. The goal is to prevent stables from tearing or damaging and avoiding excessive pressure on the abdomen.

    Fine food

Fine food consumption can begin postoperatively for up to two weeks. So, after the surgery, you can consume liquid foods and follow with fine foods for up to two weeks.

    Solid food

Once you can drink the delicate foods, your doctor will check your condition. If your stomach is ready, then you can consume food in solid form. However, you still have to chew the food well and make the food in small form for easy digestion.


Nutrition you need


After undergoing surgery, every day you only need protein as much as 90 grams. The protein requirement is smaller than before you experienced a duodenal switch. You can choose some of the right protein sources to keep you from lacking protein during the recovery period and undergo life after duodenal switch surgery.


You can eat low-fat foods, free of milk and cheese. To prevent the occurrence of postoperative problems, choose foods that are lactose-free and low in fat.


To avoid deficiency during life after duodenal switch surgery is to take supplements. Some of the vitamin supplements you need are supplements of vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E and vitamin K. You also need mineral supplements such as iron, calcium, and magnesium

After you have duodenal switch surgery, you have to live a healthier life. Life after duodenal switch surgery helps you get maximum results.