Life After Duodenal Switch Surgery : What to Expect

life after duodenal switch surgery
    Type 2 diabetes recovery

The good news is after patients undergo a duodenal switch, their type 2 diabetes can heal by 89%. Of course, this is very helpful for life after duodenal switch surgery to overcome the disease.

    Treating hypertension

Duodenal weight loss surgery is beneficial for obese people who have hypertension. After this operation and balanced with a healthy life after duodenal switch surgery, they can cure hypertension with a cure rate of up to 83%.

    Healing hyperlipidemia

One way to remedy hyperlipidemia is duodenal switch surgery. The success rate of curing this disease can reach 99%; even the patient can recover completely. You will get better life after duodenal surgery with very simple and healthy life.

    Overcoming sleep apnea

Most patients undergoing duodenal switch surgery successfully treat sleep apnea. This type of bariatric surgery helps to suffer from sleep apnea up to 92%.


Life after Duodenal Switch Surgery

After you undergo weight loss surgery, there is a series of things you should do. You need time to recover the condition. The length of postoperative recovery depends on your level of health and how you comply with all doctor’s recommendations. This recovery time is usually only three weeks. If your condition is not healthy, you can take a month before you move back.

During the recovery period, if you feel any pain or pain then you should take the medicine that your doctor has prescribed. The pain may be felt during recovery. At this time you should still consult a doctor.


Foods that you can consume

The foods you eat after duodenal switch surgery are different from the foods you eat before the surgery. Food intake during recovery is essential and should be monitored for healthy life after duodenal switch surgery. After the operation, your stomach becomes smaller so the food that comes in must adjust.

Type of food post duodenal surgery is: