Life After Duodenal Switch Surgery : What to Expect

life after duodenal switch surgery

Life after duodenal switch surgery is diferrent. Duodenal surgery is one type of weight loss surgery that many enthusiasts. This kind of operation is increasingly popular because it can provide much better results. Especially for people with diabetes who have health complaints, the duodenal switch is a perfect choice.


What to expect from Duodenal Switch

Duodenal switch is an operation that lasts for three to 4 hours. However, this surgery requires longer recovery than other bariatric surgery. Many patients are satisfied with the results obtained from this weight loss surgery. Nevertheless, the results they get are not the same.

In general, patients lose overweight by about 70% to 80%. However, if you want to get that much and get better life after duodenal switch surgery, you have to make a better lifestyle change. A good lifestyle is to consume healthy foods and exercise routine. This faculty is critical because it can determine the success of your weight loss. If you go through what your doctor recommends, your excess weight can decrease rapidly.

Some of the factors that influence the success of the duodenal switch are:

    How well the operation goes

    Diet that you live

    Fulfill nutritional needs after surgery

    Exercise that you undergo after surgery


Success rate Duodenal Switch with other operations

Duodenal surgery is a type of bariatric surgery to lose weight that has a higher success rate than others. This success is not only visible from weight loss alone, but also other things. Because duodenal switches use malabsorption method, then this weight loss is more easily seen.

Duodenal switch weight loss surgery produces excellent long-term weight loss. This procedure has successfully helped people with diabetes to lose more than 50% even they can get weight loss up to 80%. This success rate is followed by some healing from their illness.

Another success of duodenal switches are: