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Houston Weight Loss & Lipo Center: Profile, All Programs, Benefits, Costs, Pros and Cons

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    Vitamin B6

This vitamin is needed for the metabolism of carbohydrates and proteins

    Folic acid

This vitamin is used in the process of making RNA, DNA and the formation of red blood cells

    Vitamin B12

This vitamin is used to prevent anaemia and damage to nerve cells

You can choose some vitamins and supplements to support the diet program. Doctors in Houston weight loss & Lipo center will provide vitamins or supplements according to your dietary needs.

    Body Sculpting

Houston also offers several options for slimming through Body Sculpting. The program consists of Smartlipo, Sculpture and Coolculpting.


Smartlipo is a way to get rid of fat through laser lipolysis. This procedure uses high-power laser light and minimal side effects. Smartlipo is much safer than liposuction because without anaesthesia. Methods in Houston weight loss & Lipo center does not cause bleeding because the laser beam causes blood clots. Smartlipo can minimise swelling and bruise so you can quickly recover.

Treatment session time

Smarlipo only takes about 46 minutes to 1 hour just depending on the areas that are removed fat.

How is the result?

Smartlipo results will be visible within seven days, but maximum results you can see for several months.

Smartlipo Cost

The cost of Smartlipo in Houston weight loss & Lipo center is around $ 5,000. This cost can be cheaper or more expensive depending on the area of the body.


Sculpsure is a procedure to remove fat by using hyperthermia. This procedure can be an option for you to the slim body even if you are busy. This technique has been approved by the FDA, and you can feel the effect of this procedure quickly.

How it works

Sculpsure at Houston weight loss & Lipo center works by emitting a laser beam on your body. This procedure uses waves with a 1.060 nm gallon through the applicator. With these wavelengths, laser light is more readily absorbed by fat. When the tide is absorbed fat, then the fat becomes hot and experience shrinkage. The temperature required for this procedure is 42 to 47 degrees centigrade.

Time required

This procedure is done for 25 minutes, and after that, you can immediately see the shrinkage on the part of the body laser.