high fiber diet side effect

High fiber diet side effect

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High fiber side effect can occur if you eat to much fiber on your diet. Is it posible to have too much fiber in your diet quizlet? Consumption of fiber does provide many health benefits, but that does not mean you can consume as much fiber as possible. If you eat to much fiber weight gain every day, it is detrimental to your health. Some high fiber side effect can be caused by fiber if you eat a lot.

In this article you will know some of the side effects if you eat too much fiber vegan, too much fiber nausea or too much fiber constipation cure.


High fiber diet side effects include

  1. Intestinal disorders

Intestinal disorders are one of the side effects of excess fiber consumption. This problem is a severe condition and can make the stomach uncomfortable. Fiber can release a reaction to probiotics known as healthy bacteria, and the result occurs in your colon. The reaction produces gas, and if the gas is too much, the stomach will feel bloated and uncomfortable.

Excessive fiber consumption can trigger the intestine narrowed so that substances enter the body will be automatically obstructed and challenging to pass. To overcome this high fiber diet side effect, you have to undergo surgery. Even if high fiber diet aims to get high fiber, but you have to limit excessive fiber consumption.

  1. Difficult to defecate

One way to relieve bowel movements is to consume fiber. However, if you consume too much fiber, it makes it hard to defecate. To much fiber vegan or too much fiber weigh gain then the minerals and vitamins that should be able to decompose even be bound by the fiber. Not just minerals and vitamins, water will also be linked by excessive fiber in the body along the digestive tract.

Excessive fiber consumption makes the digestive tract dry. Even if you drink enough water, but this high fiber diet side effect in the body can still bind it. However, if water alone can be secured by fiber, then the lubricant will not be enough so that food can not move and stuck in the intestine that causes constipation.

  1. Diarrhea

Some high fiber side effect is causes disease. Fiber intake is too high so that movement of food through the digestive tract will be accelerated. Food will move faster than normal because of fiber, and this can cause diarrhea.

  1. Dehydration

Excessive consumption of high fiber foods and not accompanied by drinking lots of water will cause dehydration. At any weight loss program, a sufficient fiber intake is always recommended to consume lots of water every day. Eat too much fiber weight gain can also cause a fluid deficiency in your body.

Dehydration as high fiber diet side effect, when you undergo fiber diet, occurs because fiber also binds the water you consume. If you just drink a little water, then the body can become dehydrated. That is the reason why you can get dehydrated faster when you eat to much fiber weight gain.

  1. Disrupt the absorption of other nutrients

Fiber not only binds water, but fiber can also attach other nutrients to the food you consume. High fiber diet side effect can bind vitamins and minerals you should need. Various nutrients will be linked by dietary fiber, as well as other food compounds that enter your digestion. Excessive fiber consumption when you undergo high fiber diet will interfere with the absorption of nutrients that the body needs. If common mineral and vitamins cannot be met, then some significant minerals even deficiency occurs.

  1. Stomach cramps

Consuming too much fiber vegan can cause stomach cramps because the body can not digest the incoming fiber. Too much fiber that enters your stomach causes digestion to burden. High fiber diet side effect in the abdomen make the abdominal muscles will automatically feel disturbed and cause cramps. If digestion is disturbed, you will feel uncomfortable in the stomach, and this can trigger other digestive problems if you do not immediately overcome.

  1. Weight gain

High fiber diets can lead to increased weight if you consume excessive fiber. The weight gain is due to the fiber binding the water you are drinking and causing water retention. Water retention is the accumulation of water that occurs due to excessive fiber consumption and causes water to accumulate in the body. When water is bound by the fiber, then the water will be hard issued by the body through sweat and urine. This is what causes weight gain.

  1. Hormonal changes

High fiber diet side effect can cause hormonal changes. This is can occur when you consume excessive fiber. When you undergo a high-fiber diet, you may experience hormonal changes. Some of these hormones are estrogen, progesterone, luteinizing hormone and follicular stimulating hormone.