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Gastric Sleeve Vs Lap Band: What Makes it Different Complete Review

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Gastric Sleeve vs Lap Band Cost

If you choose how to lose weight through surgical procedures, you must pay a higher cost. Gastric sleeve cost and lap band cost is quite expensive when compared to diet programs. When the diet you can choose an affordable diet or even do not require a fee. However, when you decide to undergo weight loss surgery, you must prepare the money.

The lowest gastric sleeve cost is about $ 16,000 to $ 20,000, while the value of this operation is the most expensive around $ 30,000. While lap band, you can pay this process about $ 15,000 to $ 30,000. If you want to get more affordable fees, you must have insurance. Many insurance companies can cover the costs of these two operations.


Gastric Sleeve vs Lap Band: Recovery Guides

After undergoing surgery, you must undergo a recovery phase. Both types of surgery have different procedures and recovery. Gastric sleeve recovery takes longer time than Lap Band recovery.

Gastric sleeve recovery

    Stay at hospital

After undergoing surgery, you remain in the hospital for a day or two. As long as you are in the hospital, the team will check your condition so you can go home healthy.

    Stay At home

Once you are allowed to go back to a doctor, you should be rehabilitated at home with a doctor’s advice. You must comply with all doctor’s recommendations to avoid complications and other problems. While at home, you may need to fully restore the condition for two weeks before your work again. You still have to go on a diet and move around like walking around the house.

    Working again

After you have gone home for 2 to 4 weeks, you can get back to work.