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Gastric Sleeve Vs Lap Band: What Makes it Different Complete Review

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After this operation, your stomach will turn smaller. Also, this process alters some of the hormonal signals from the stomach and the gut to the brain to control weight. After undergoing this surgery, you will not get hungry fast, and you can feel full faster after eating.

How Lap Band work

Lap band weight loss surgery works by placing a silicone balloon on the top of the abdomen thus forming a new belly sac. This operation uses laparoscopic which allows the surgeon to place a lap band. The process of setting this balloon takes about an hour.

After undergoing this surgery, you have a new stomach. Your new belly is much narrower, limiting the capacity of the stomach and emptying it. With a new stomach, you will quickly satisfy even though the portion of food is reduced.


Gastric sleeve vs Lap Band: Approach to Weight Loss

Both operations are gastric sleeve and lap band both reduce the amount of food you consume. Unlike before your surgery, after surgery, you have to limit the food that goes to the stomach because you have a smaller new stomach. The gastric sleeve also helps reduce hunger, so you avoid excessive snacking.


Gastric sleeve vs Lap Band: Anatomy changes

Both of these operations will change the shape of your stomach so there are some things you should adjust. These changes have a positive impact on your life, especially improving your health.

Gastric Sleeve & Lap Band Anatomy Changes

Gastric Sleeve vs Lap Band Anatomy Changes


Gastric Sleeve and Lap Band Benefits

Some weight loss surgery is done to help reduce excess body weight. However, not only that, many other benefits you can get from this operation. Gastric sleeve vs lap band provides several advantages including: