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Gastric Sleeve Vs Lap Band: What Makes it Different Complete Review

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Gastric sleeve vs lap band are two types of weight loss surgery that have the same goal, i.e. lose weight. Both of these operations are highly recommended if you are obese. One of the health problems that often cause complication is obesity. You can choose whether to undergo a gastric sleeve or lap band. Gastric sleeve vs lap band has some differences that you must understand.

Gastric sleeve vs Lap Band: What is It?

Gastric sleeve is a procedure to lose weight that can change your life to be healthier. This operation is very beneficial for people who are obese. This weight loss helps reduce the health risks caused by obesity. Some of the diseases that are triggered by obesity are high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, respiratory disorders, stroke and asthma.

Lap band is a procedure to lose weight by binding the upper part of the stomach using a small rubber. If you are undergoing lap band surgery, then you will feel full faster even with less food. This surgical procedure makes the obese people can reduce their portions of food, but they still feel full.

Both types of surgery are equally aimed at losing weight, but gastric sleeve vs lap band have different ways. Both also have some differences that will be discussed in this article. There is some other weight loss surgery that can help you lose weight. Some different favourite ways are the Gastric Bypass and Duodenal Switch.



Gastric Sleeve vs Lap Band: How it Work

Although these two types of operations have the same goal, there are several different procedures you should know. The method of each operation determines the success or how much weight loss is produced. Both weight loss surgery gives different results.

How Gastric sleeve work

Gastric sleeve is performed by using a laparoscopic technique or known as a small hole operation with a slight incision. With the least invasive weight loss surgery, the surgical wound can heal quickly and speed up your recovery. Even after your surgery, you feel pain, but this is very little. You may only feel pain or less comfortable for a few moments.

After this operation, your stomach will turn smaller. Also, this process alters some of the hormonal signals from the stomach and the gut to the brain to control weight. After undergoing this surgery, you will not get hungry fast, and you can feel full faster after eating.

How Lap Band work

Lap band weight loss surgery works by placing a silicone balloon on the top of the abdomen thus forming a new belly sac. This operation uses laparoscopic which allows the surgeon to place a lap band. The process of setting this balloon takes about an hour.

After undergoing this surgery, you have a new stomach. Your new belly is much narrower, limiting the capacity of the stomach and emptying it. With a new stomach, you will quickly satisfy even though the portion of food is reduced.


Gastric sleeve vs Lap Band: Approach to Weight Loss

Both operations are gastric sleeve and lap band both reduce the amount of food you consume. Unlike before your surgery, after surgery, you have to limit the food that goes to the stomach because you have a smaller new stomach. The gastric sleeve also helps reduce hunger, so you avoid excessive snacking.


Gastric sleeve vs Lap Band: Anatomy changes

Both of these operations will change the shape of your stomach so there are some things you should adjust. These changes have a positive impact on your life, especially improving your health.

Gastric Sleeve & Lap Band Anatomy Changes

Gastric Sleeve vs Lap Band Anatomy Changes


Gastric Sleeve and Lap Band Benefits

Some weight loss surgery is done to help reduce excess body weight. However, not only that, many other benefits you can get from this operation. Gastric sleeve vs lap band provides several advantages including:

  • Lose your weight
  • Reduce the risk of diabetes
  • Lowering high blood pressure
  • Prevent heart attacks
  • Prevent stroke


Gastric Sleeve vs Lap Band Cost

If you choose how to lose weight through surgical procedures, you must pay a higher cost. Gastric sleeve cost and lap band cost is quite expensive when compared to diet programs. When the diet you can choose an affordable diet or even do not require a fee. However, when you decide to undergo weight loss surgery, you must prepare the money.

The lowest gastric sleeve cost is about $ 16,000 to $ 20,000, while the value of this operation is the most expensive around $ 30,000. While lap band, you can pay this process about $ 15,000 to $ 30,000. If you want to get more affordable fees, you must have insurance. Many insurance companies can cover the costs of these two operations.


Gastric Sleeve vs Lap Band: Recovery Guides

After undergoing surgery, you must undergo a recovery phase. Both types of surgery have different procedures and recovery. Gastric sleeve recovery takes longer time than Lap Band recovery.

Gastric sleeve recovery

  1. Stay at hospital

After undergoing surgery, you remain in the hospital for a day or two. As long as you are in the hospital, the team will check your condition so you can go home healthy.

  1. Stay At home

Once you are allowed to go back to a doctor, you should be rehabilitated at home with a doctor’s advice. You must comply with all doctor’s recommendations to avoid complications and other problems. While at home, you may need to fully restore the condition for two weeks before your work again. You still have to go on a diet and move around like walking around the house.

  1. Working again

After you have gone home for 2 to 4 weeks, you can get back to work.


Lap band surgery recovery

  1. Stay at hospital

It may take you 24 hours to stay high in the hospital. Gastric sleeve vs lap band both equally requires you to stay in the hospital shortly after surgery. While you are in the hospital, you should rest. Your doctor will check your condition to make sure there is no complication or infection.

  1. Stay at home

Lap band recovery time at home takes about 1 to 2 weeks, much faster than gastric sleeve recovery. When at home, you should go on a diet and exercise regularly. It is essential for you to follow the doctor’s advice about diet and exercise that you must live.

During the diet, you should consume soft foods to suit your new stomach. Exercise is needed at this stage to prevent complications such as blood clots. You can do some light exercise as recommended by a doctor such as walking.

  1. Time to work

After a few weeks you recover postoperative body condition, now you can work again. Even if you can work as before, but you still have to do a healthy diet and exercise. The goal is to speed up the results you want.



Gastric Sleeve vs Lap Band : Risk and Complications

Almost all bariatric surgery has risks and complications, although very few people experience it. Gastric sleeve and lap band have the same risks and complications that you should be aware of.

Gastric sleeve and Lap Band Risk & Complications

Gastric sleeve vs Lap Band Risk & Complications


Gastric Sleeve vs Lap Band : Pros and Cons

Gastric sleeve and lap band surgery has several advantages and disadvantages. If you are still confused choosing this procedure, you can compare gastric sleeve and lap band below.

Gastric Sleeve and Lap Band Pros

Gastric Sleeve vs Lap Band Pros


Gastric Sleeve vs Lap Band Cons

Gastric Sleeve vs Lap Band Cons