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Gastric Sleeve Recovery : Step By Step Customer Guide

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  • Stage diet

Gastric sleeve recovery after you go home is a diet. You should change your diet to adjust the stomach after surgery. Your body will adapt to the changes especially the foods you consume. At this time, you can experience nausea, vomiting and fainting. Once you are home, in the first week, you should consume food in liquid form.

In the first week, you should consume porridge or soft foods. After that the next week you may consume small cut food. You also have to chew the food properly to get into your new stomach. At this stage, you must learn how to chew well. You should also drink more water daily to aid digestion and prevent dehydration.

During this gastric sleeve recovery, you should still consult your doctor if a problem occurs. Maybe you even can not chew the right food, or you feel less comfortable with your diet. You should know some foods you should not consume during this stage. The doctor will give you information when your stomach is declared able to absorb food in solid form.

  • Postoperative activity

Similarly, when you have to adjust your post-operative diet, you should adapt the business. Because your stomach is reduced, then the food you consume is also reduced. In this condition, you may be quickly tired because of reduced food intake. Therefore, you must limit your activity. Do light things like walking around the house or doing light homework.

For this type of exercise, you can consult a doctor. After one month of surgery, you can do aerobics at home to make your condition fitter. Exercise is one of the gastric sleeve recovery that speed up your healing process. By exercising, you can increase your stamina to work again.


When Can I Work Again?

Individuals who undergo gastric sleeve can suffer regular activity when they are stated to have been recovered by a doctor. The time you need to work differently from other patients. In general, the recovery time until you can move is typically about 2 to 6 weeks. This depends on your efforts at the time of gastric sleeve recovery. A healthy diet that you run and exercise is essential to help you move faster.

All advice and orders from your doctor must be obeyed so that your gastric sleeve recovery is successful. You must follow a doctor’s prescribed diet, medication to physical activity and exercise recommended by a doctor.