gastric sleeve diet without surgery

Gastric Sleeve Diet Without Surgery: What is, Benefits, Roles, Procedure and How to do

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Gastric sleeve diet without surgery is one way to lose weight by specific procedures. Although many people choose gastric sleeve surgery, some people refuse this operation. If you are afraid of having surgery, you can try gastric sleeve diet without surgery.

Gastric sleeve procedure is an operation to shrink the stomach so that your stomach can only hold a little food. This way you can not overeat so you can reduce your excess weight. Unfortunately, there are many gastric sleeve risks so you should consider the weight loss procedure. Alternatively, you can try the gastric sleeve diet, but you do not have to undergo surgery.

What is gastric sleeve diet without surgery?

Gastric sleeve diet is a diet that is prepared before you undergo gastric sleeve surgery. This diet helps you get the best results after you have surgery. This diet is a challenge for you because you have to endure emotions and have a strong commitment. Before you decide to go on this diet, you should be committed and disciplined. Gastric sleeve diet will change your life so you really should be ready to live it.

In this diet, you should consume foods that are different from the foods you previously ate. Gastric sleeve diet  is a diet that helps you achieve the expected results. Gastric sleeve weight loss surgery is a minimally risky surgery. The complication rate of this surgery is only about 1% in the first month after surgery. However, this does not mean that this operation can produce results immediately. You have to undergo a series of diets to reduce complications and gastric sleeve side effects.

Diet plays a vital role in weight loss through gastric. Gastric sleeve diet begins once you have gastric sleeve surgery. This diet helps you succeed in operation and get better results.

Gastric Sleeve  Benefits

  1. Reduce the risk of complications

When on a diet, you should consume healthy foods in the form of vegetables, fruits, grains and other nutritious food sources. All the nutritional needs of the toned body are well suited. By eating healthy foods, this method can help you lose weight while reducing the body mass index efficiently. Factors that affect the risk of obesity before and after surgery is obesity. By undergoing gastric sleeve diet without surgery, your excess weight is reduced. The less weight you lose, the less risk of gastric sleeve complications.

  1. The procedure of operation is easier

The surgeon recommends that you go on a diet before doing gastric sleeve surgery to make the surgical process easier and smoother. Being overweight makes your heart more significant, so doctors are more challenging to operate. However, if you lose weight, your liver becomes smaller, and the softer is more comfortable to perform surgery. Gastric sleeve diet  makes your heart shrink and simplify the process of operation.

  1. Ease the diet after surgery

After you have gastric sleeve surgery, you should stay on a diet just like before you have surgery. Gastric sleeve diet helps you practice to change your lifestyle. Your pre-operation starts a new life with a healthy lifestyle. This diet enables you to get used to changing life to be more robust.

The Role of Gastric Sleeve Diet without Surgery

In principle, Gastric sleeve diet requires you to eat very little. This diet has some rules that you must obey to give maximum results. Similar to other diets, this diet should be lived gradually and diligently until you can see changes in your body.

Some of the rules of gastric sleeve diet are:

  • Switch from solid foods to liquid foods
  • Eat lots of protein including tofu, tempeh, eggs and lean meats
  • Reduce consumption of carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, rice and cereals
  • Restrict sweet foods
  • Conducted four weeks before gastric sleeve surgery
  • Limiting caffeine
Gastric  Procedure

Gastric sleeve diet as well as patients who will undergo gastric sleeve surgery. Before undergoing surgery, for 14 days you should eat liquid food. You also have to change your lifestyle to be healthier. In principle, this diet aims to reduce the portion of your meal. In general, you need 130 grams of carbohydrates every day. However, while on a diet, you should minimize carbohydrate consumption to 50 grams per day. Instead, you have to increase protein consumption as an energy source.

Diet Menu

This diet is done for three weeks before you undergo gastric sleeve surgery. To go on a diet, you should follow the doctor’s instructions. Three weeks before surgery you have to practice on a diet. This weight loss program should consist of fresh and whole foods. However, you are prohibited from consuming processed foods.

  1. 2-3 weeks before surgery

For 2 to 3 weeks you have to go on a diet with a predetermined menu. If you are still confused about the list you can eat, consult your doctor. During this stage of the diet, you should limit the consumption of carbohydrates and caffeine.

Below is a menu that you can consume while undergoing gastric sleeve diet without surgery.

gastric sleeve diet without surgery

  1. Two days before surgery

Two days before surgery, you should stick to the diet, but you only consume clear liquid food. You should also avoid drinks containing caffeine and carbonated beverages.

After you undergo gastric sleeve diet, you enter the surgical procedure. After your operation is successful, you open a new stage in your life. You have to live a healthy lifestyle to get the ideal weight.