gastric bypass side effects long term effects

Gastric Bypass Side Effects Long Term Effects

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Diarrhea is one of the gastric bypass side effects. This problem can occur when you change a different diet from the food you consume before surgery. After surgery, you should undergo gastric bypass recovery time for 2 to 3 weeks. During that time you should eat liquid, smooth food and in the end solid foods. During this adjustment period, your stomach can react and cause diarrhea.

    Dumping Syndrome

Dumping syndrome is a gastric bypass side effects long term effects that you need to be aware of. Gastric bypass side effects occur when you eat fatty or sugary foods too quickly. Then the stomach throws away the food you eat and the stomach fluid into the small intestine immediately. This then causes dumping syndrome.

    Nutritional Deficiencies

Lack of nutrients can occur after you undergo bariatric surgery. This gastric bypass side effects long term effects occurs because you only consume food in small quantities. You can not add any other nutrients your body needs. There are some nutrients that you can just fill half of it. However, there are also nutrients such as vitamins or minerals that you can not even get every day. After the operation, you can only eat a little because the stomach can only hold a little food.


Anyone who does gastric bypass surgery has a chance to experience gallstones. Gallstones are one of the gastric bypass side effects of long term effects that you should be aware of. These gastric bypass side effects long term effects can increase dramatically when you experience very rapid and excessive weight loss.

    A hernia

A hernia can occur when the intestine is blocked and causes the body to protrude through a surgical incision. Hernias can happen in the muscles of the abdominal wall or your stomach. Gastric bypass risks are rare, and the chances are only 0.2%.