Gastric bypass recovery time

Gastric Bypass Recovery Time : The Complete Review

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    Fat-free milk

    Sugar-free jelly

    Fat-free broth

Phase 2       Diet Week 2 and 3

In the second and third weeks, you can consume several sources of protein in liquid form. Gastric sleeve recovery time lasts for one week to two weeks. During this diet, you should drink foods of protein and clear liquid. The protein intake you need is about 60 grams while you can eat clear liquid as much as eight glasses.

You can consume protein sources such as egg whites, fish porridge or meat and protein shakes. At this stage of the diet, you should not waste beverages containing caffeine and foods that contain excessive sugar.

Some of the foods you can eat in this second stage are:

    Egg whites

    Soft, soft cheese

    Fatless cottage cheese

    Low-sugar protein drinks

In addition to consuming protein-containing foods, you should also consume foods that contain calcium citrate. Calcium citrate should be taken separately with vitamins, at least you should waste two hours before or after the consumption of vitamins.

Phase 3       Diet Week 4 and 5

This third stage diet lasts for one to two weeks. During this diet, you should consume soft foods or soft. Food on gastric sleeve recovery time is cooked vegetables and sweet meat. At this stage, you should consume protein as much as 60 grams to 70 grams per day. While you should consume 64 ounces of fluid every day. At this stage, you should eat the best protein source up to three times by consuming soft vegetables. You can also consume avocado as a healthy snack.

Some of the protein sources you can consume at this stage are:

    Animal protein source:

Egg white, low-fat milk, fish, turkey, lean chicken, tofu and non-fat cheese