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Gastric Balloon : What is, Who’s Candidate, Procedure, Cost, Benefits and Side Effect

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The first action the surgeon performs is by spraying an anesthetic on the throat that makes your throat numb. This action works for the preparation of entering the instrument.

    Keeping the mouth open

To facilitate surgery, doctors need plastic support that serves to keep the mouth open during operation.

    Inserting devices

A small endoscope or tube with a camera at the end is then added and pushed up to the stomach. The existence of the camera on the endoscope is used to provide images needed by doctors. The image aims to know the abnormality of your stomach and your channel.

    Insert balloons

After the endoscope is removed, the doctor inserts a still-deflated balloon up to the stomach. After that the balloon is filled with saline and blue methylene dye, then the balloon is closed and sealed. The doctor may also enter the endoscope again to determine whether the balloon position is correct or not. After the placement of the balloon is considered appropriate, the doctor will remove the endoscope again.

To undergo this Gastric Balloon weight loss surgery, you have to experience an outpatient. This process takes about 30 minutes. After suffering Gastric Balloon, you need to rest for a few days and avoid strenuous activity. The new ballon will be released after a few months. Previously the balloon should be deflated and removed using a clamp.

    Remove the balloon

This gastric balloon procedure can only last for six months, after the end of the six-month period, the balloon is implanted must be removed. Spending the balloon through an outpatient endoscopy procedure.


Before undergoing Gastric Balloon

Before undergoing weight loss surgery, you should discuss with your doctor. You should consider the various medications you are taking, what allergies you have or how you are doing before undergoing surgery. Before balloon installation, you must fast for 12 hours.

Before gastric balloon is removed, you should only eat fluids for 48 hours before undergoing surgery. This procedure prohibits you from consuming solid foods, whereas you can drink soft drinks. Soft drinks help clean the balloon, so the process of picking up the balloon is more natural. Before the balloon pickup process, you must fast for 12 hours without eating and drinking.


Gastric Balloon Benefits

Weigh loss balloon surgery is one way to lose weight in adults with non-medical care. This method is proven to lose weight significantly. When balanced with diet and exercise, excess weight can fall by up to 90%. This weight loss can be maintained for more than one year.

For you to get the benefits of gastric balloon to the maximum, then you should consume nutritious foods and exercise routine. Weight loss surgery supports you to get used to a healthy lifestyle by consuming nutritious foods.

Some of the benefits of gastric bypass are: