Dr Sebi weight loss products

Dr Sebi Weight Loss Products: Complete Review

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    Tonic Electra

Tonic Electra is Dr Sebi weight loss products and a seasoned-biotic more advantageous iron method designed to fight infection, energize, purify and toughen the whole gadget.

    Tooth Powder

Tooth Powder is a unique combination of herbs that cleans the teeth nourishes the gums and retard horrific breath, decay and gum ailment.


Viento is an energizer, purifier, and revitalize. This one of Dr Sebi weight loss products is addresses the kidneys and respiratory system. Combats the longing for addictive materials. This dietary compound incorporates a high attention of Iron – an irritation fighter and oxygen – a cell proliferator. It’s miles compelling in reversing severe situations.



    Sea Moss




    Hombre Grande

How to use : Consume this product four drugs each day

Cleaning Programs

    Small cleansing package

The Small cleansing package is Dr Sebi weight loss products created from Chelation2, Bio Ferro, and Viento. This cleaning package is designed to cleanse and re-nourish your body at the cellular degree. The bundle will assist rid the frame of mucus, pollution, and acids which acquire at some point of the body. It’ll also nourish and purify the blood and could deliver the complete frame to a wholesome country. This is not a healing bundle.

Products include:

    Chelation 2

    Bio Ferro


    All Inclusive package deal

All inclusive package deal for women testo offers the very best saturation charge. The better saturation price, the quicker and higher efficiency the cleaning outcomes.

How to use:

Cleanses the frame on the free level by using breaking down acid, mucus, toxins, and calcifications. It rebuilds and restores the structure together with the blood and immune system.

Products included