Dr Sebi weight loss products

Dr Sebi Weight Loss Products: Complete Review

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Dr. Sebi products for weight loss

On the pinnacle of the Dr. Sebi food regimen, there is numerous Dr. Sebi merchandise for weight reduction, designed by Dr. Sebi himself. For help with losing weight, there are cleaning packs provided via the Dr. Sebi internet site. This first package deal is a little on the expensive side but carries all the Dr Sebi weight loss products had to cleanse the body of pollution that may prevent weight reduction. The package deal comes with three custom nutrient packs: Viento, Bio Ferro, and Chelation2.

Below is a listing of some Dr. Sebi’s products, alongside dosage facts for a number of the products. More data may be added as the under isn’t one hundred% entire. However, because of the want, I’m posting what I’ve completed to this point.

Dr Sebi weight loss products Review


A herbal diuretic. Flushes excess stagnant fluid from the body; casting off useless cells and promoting wholesome skin. Excessive in magnesium, calcium, phosphate, and different minerals.


    Fucus Vesiculosus

How to use : 2 capsules in the afternoon and night

    Chelation 2

Eliminates pollution, acids, and mucus. Increasing bowel actions to three-6 instances day by day.


    Cascara Sagrada

    Pao Periera



How to use : 2-three drugs in the afternoon and night.

    Bio Ferro

Bio Ferro Dr Sebi weight loss products combines the right elements to bring the most effective and effective blood nourisher and cleanser.





    Burdock Root


How to use:

3 pills in the afternoon and night for pills products

2 tbsp in the afternoon and night for liquid product


Banju made mainly for youngsters with Attention Deficit Disorder (A.D.D) and interest Deficit Hyperactivity ailment (A.D.H.D). This Dr Sebi weight loss products powerful for frightened system situations (e.g., ache, irritability and sleepiness). Also effective in adults. Cleanses and nourishes the principal worried system. High in potassium phosphate and other minerals. Suitable for strain, tension, and different neurological problems.