Constipation after gastric sleeve surgery

Constipation After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

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What is constipation after gastric sleeve surgery?

Constipation is one of the most not unusual problems in patients after they have gastric sleeve surgery. After undergoing this operation, the bowel movements may not be the same as before you did the surgery. Although many patients are constipated, gastric sleeve risk is temporary. Constipation is more experienced by women than men, especially during pregnancy. However, after undergoing surgery, you may experience constipation. Several things cause constipation that you should know.

Below is the cause of constipation after gastric sleeve surgery:

    Diet changes

After undergoing gastric sleeve surgery, you should change your diet because your stomach size varies. The amount of food that can accommodate the stomach is much less than before you undergo surgery. The decrease in food and beverage consumption after gastric sleeve operation causes the nutrients you need to decrease.

    Changes in the type of food consumed

After the operation, you are only allowed to eat liquid food. For the first two weeks, you can just consume food in liquid and smooth form. This can cause you to lack daily fibre. Not surprisingly, you have constipation after gastric sleeve surgery.

    Lack of fibre

In the first week or even the second week after you undergo surgery, you can lack fibre. At the time of gastric sleeve recovery, you only consume certain foods. The fibre you need sometimes cannot be fulfilled. If for a few days or even weeks you do not eat fibrous foods, you may experience constipation after gastric sleeve surgery.

    Abdominal muscles are weak

Post gastric sleeve surgery, your abdominal muscles weaken, this is reasonable. However, due to abdominal muscle fat, you can experience constipation.

    Consumption of drugs

Some medicines that you consume after weight loss surgery can cause constipation. Some medicines that can cause defecate include sedatives and antidepressants. Also, the anti-pain medication you consume can also cause constipation after gastric sleeve surgery.