Collagen protein and weight loss

Collagen Protein And Weight Loss: 18 Best Collagen Proteins 2018

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Food sensitivity can happen when you consume excessive collagen protein and weight loss food. These side effects occur when you drink collagen protein supplements directly. Currently, you can get some collagen protein supplements in the form of beef or chicken. Some people experience high sensitivity to this protein.

    Skin necrosis

Consumption of collagen protein in the excess amount and can continuously cause skin necrosis. Necrosis of the skin is a skin disease that is closely related to the peanut tissue on the skin surface. If these side effects are not immediately over, the skin cells can die and inhibit blood flow.

    Changes in taste sensitivity

Although collagen protein and weight loss are often linked, excessive consumption of collagen sources can cause a change in taste sensitivity. This sensitivity occurs because of the formation of layers on the tongue that causes the taste in the mouth more and more uncomfortable.


Collagen protein and weight loss, meaning collagen can help weight loss. However, if you overdo the consumption of collagen, you can experience allergies. Allergic reactions can arise when you consume collagen sources such as the supplement, collagen milk or foods containing collagen.


Taking collagen protein supplements can also cause constipation. Although you are trying to lose weight, make skin beautiful and healthy, but you must consume it properly. The collagen protein consumed can cause you to have a bowel movement.

    Heart problem

Collagen protein and weight loss pills sometimes cause the heart rhythm to be abnormal. If you have a history of heart disease, it helps to consult a doctor before taking a collagen protein supplement.

Collagen Protein and weight loss: Collagen Sources

In addition to taking collagen supplements, you can also consume some foods containing collagen protein below.

Collagen protein sources: