3 day juice cleanse weight loss

3 Day Juice Cleanse Weight Loss: The Complete Guides

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Rules undergo 3 day juice cleanse weight loss is to consume juice at most 3 liters. The juice is made with a portion of 50% made from vegetable juice. Vegetables should be added to the juice because it has plenty of dietary fiber.

The Menu you should consume:

Time Menu
Breakfast A glass of apple juice


Lunch Pineapple juice or tomato juicea cup of tea 
Dinner Melon fruit juice with mustard greens 

For the next day menu, you can replace fruit such as watermelon, beetroot, avocado, strawberry and fruit with high fiber content. You can also add a variety of healthy vegetables such as broccoli.

When is the best time to drink juice?

As long as you undergo 3 day juice cleanse weight loss, you should know the right time to drink juice. The best time to drink detox juice is to wake up until bedtime. The juice you consume is juice, without any other ingredients. However, you can still drink clear water to keep your body from dehydration.

How 3 Day juice cleanse weight loss work?

If you undergo 3 day juice cleanse, various harmful toxins in the body can be removed. Juice detoxes help your digestive system free of toxins. It helps your body becomes fresher. When deciding to lose weight this way, you need to know how many calories this diet has to offer.

3 Day juice cleanse weight loss offers calories as much as 800 to 1,500 calories. When the number of calories that come in more than it comes out, then you can not lose weight. However, the more calories that come out, the more comfortable you lose weight.

3 Day juice cleanse weight loss benefits

Going on a juice diet for 3 days will have a positive impact on your body. The purpose of this detox is to lose weight, but not just that you get.

Below are some of the benefits of 3 day juice cleanse.