Duodenal Switch : What is, Who’s Need, Procedures, Cost Benefits and Risk

Duodenal Switch

Duodenal switch surgery leads to a more significant weight loss than every other bariatric procedure, which makes it the best kind of weight loss surgery up to now.

In the United States of America, about 20000 duodenal switches are performed annually. No matter the risks the duodenal switch is nevertheless a surgical option and can be quite useful, especially in people with a slightly significant body mass index. It is a type of surgery that restricts both the quantity of food that can be accommodated by the stomach and the number of calories that can be absorbed and used by the body.


What is Duodenal Switch Surgery

The duodenal switch is done laparoscopically. Each area of the surgery usually requires a couple of hours. This weight loss surgery isn’t done just to attain a fascinating figure but also for folks that are experiencing obesity and wish to lead a wholesome life. It is complicated and should be performed by a highly trained and experienced bariatric surgeon.

The Duodenal switch surgery permanently remove the majority of the stomach. Therefore, regardless of what anyone may inform you about undergoing surgery for weight reduction, it’s essential that you comprehend the risks from a health perspective and do whatever you can to attain weight loss via non-surgical methods like a disciplined exercise and diet regimen. It was initially part of some other surgery for weight loss known as the duodenal switch. Attempting to find out which surgery for weight loss to choose can be hard. Though weight loss surgery may appear to an easy solution always natural options are the very best approaches to handle weight gain issue.

There are three major kinds of surgery utilized for weight reduction. That operation usually isn’t profitable. It is thought to be a high-risk surgery and is only utilized in extreme circumstances. The weight loss surgery takes up to two hours to finish. Bariatric surgery should only be considered for those who are severely obese, mostly as a result of genetic and healthcare conditions. It continues to be the most successful approach to weight loss. Within this situation, it’s the bariatric surgery that gives hope to each obese patient.

If one cannot become more active, then surgery gets more of an alternative. Weight loss surgery that is also called bariatric surgery is now among the most popular surgical interventions sought by obese individuals. The best method to learn if you’re covered for surgery is to call the carrier and discover out.


Am I candidate for Duodenal Switch Surgery

Duodenal switches help to lose weight significantly. However, this operation cannot be undertaken by everyone. There are some people with specific criteria who can undergo this weight loss surgery.

Who can undergo Duodenal switch surgery include:

  • Patients with diabetes with a BMI greater than 50
  • Diabetic sufferers who have complicated diseases and celebrate their safety


How Duodenal Switch Surgery Work

Duodenal switches work by reducing caloric intake and reducing food absorption. This operation also alters the hormonal balance in the gastrointestinal tract. Duodenal is a weight loss surgery that is similar to gastric bypass and gastric sleeve. By doing duodenal switch hormone, ghrelin will be reduced. Ghrelin is a hormone that causes us to be hungry so that the less this hormone we will not be natural to starve.

Also, duodenal witch works by increasing insulin sensitivity through the hormone GLP-1 and Pyy hormones. This operation replaces terrible bacteria with good bacteria in your digestive tract. This condition helps you to lose weight.


Duodenal Switch Procedure

Duodenal switch is a malabsorption weight loss procedure that causes the patient to lose weight. The surgeon will clamp about 70% of your stomach. Some of the bellies are left and connected to the duodenum. Then the intestine is cut before the intestine reaches the appendix. After the cut, then attached to the lower part of the pipe. It aims to reduce the absorption of calories so that the calories are absorbed only a few.

The procedure that doctors do to duodenal switches is by open surgery or laparoscopy. This weight loss surgery procedure is also known as Minimal Invasive Surgery (MIS). This operation is done by making five small incisions in the abdomen. This surgical procedure aims to reduce abdominal size up to 30% of the usual size. Doctors use staples to perform this operation. By reducing the stomach then the amount of food that enters the stomach will be limited. In this surgical procedure, the doctor should be more vigilant in intestinal cutting. This operation can produce much better results than bariatric surgery.


Duodenal Switch Surgery Benefits

Although the process of undergoing duodenal switch is only a few hours, you can get maximum results. Some of the benefits you can get from duodenal switches are:

  • Lose your weight

Duodenal surgery helps you lose weight in the long run. You can reduce overweight by up to 70%. Even in some patients, they can remove obese by 80%. This success is much higher than other bariatric weight loss surgery.

  • Reduced risk of diabetic type 2 to 98%
  • Cures hypertension up to 83%
  • Cures sleep apnea up to 92%
  • Reduce hyperlipidemia to 99%


Duodenal Switch Surgery Cost

Most hospitals and surgical clinics apply duodenal switch surgery between $ 12,000 to $ 22,000. These fees include checking fees, anesthesia fees, doctor fees and some other facilities you get during operation.

After surgery, you may have to spend more for examination, buying vitamins and minerals. Also, you also need the consumption of healthy foods, and you may have to spend to buy these foods. For you to more easily pay duodenal switch cost lighter, you can use insurance. Many insurance companies that help you to pay all the above costs. You can choose a quality insurance company like Medicare and Medicaid. With insurance, your operating costs will be covered though not all of them.


Life after Duodenal Switch Surgery

After you undergo a duodenal switch, your excess weight can be reduced by 80%. Weight loss occurs reasonably quickly during the first six months after surgery. Postoperatively, you should undergo a diet to accelerate your body decline.

  • Recovery period

The recovery period lasts three weeks to four weeks. This is your time to rest from work. You can take medications and multivitamins recommended by your doctor to relieve pain and pain. After 3 or 4 weeks, you can move back like before undergoing duodenal switch surgery.

  • Diet

Diet is used to help restore your condition. In the first week, you should consume liquid food to avoid pressure on the stomach. In the first week, you should pay attention to food intake, so that stomach stitches are not problematic. After the first week, your doctor will check you out. When the doctor feels your stomach is ready, then you can consume foods that are soft and small.

Since the size of your stomach is reduced, then you should pay attention to the size of the food you consume. After the first week, you should drink fine foods. Even so, you will feel full faster because your stomach is smaller than before.

  • Multivitamins and supplements

After a duodenal surgery switch, you should also take some vitamins and supplements. This is to prevent lack of vitamins and minerals after surgery. You should consume more vitamins including vitamin A, D, E and vitamin K. Some of the mineral supplements you consume are iron, calcium and magnesium supplements.


Duodenal Switch Surgery Risk

Before you decide to undergo duodenal surgery, you should be aware of some of the risks you may be experiencing. However, not everyone has duodenal switch risk. Many patients who have undergone weight loss surgery this but they are satisfied with the results obtained.

Some duodenal surgery risk switches are:

  • Blockage of the intestine
  • Malnutrition
  • Bleeding
  • Stomach leak
  • Dumping syndrome
  • Infection


Duodenal Switch Surgery Pros

  • Helps to lose weight quickly
  • Reduce hunger
  • Results obtained better than other operations or other weight loss programs
  • The stomach function will not change and be disturbed
  • You can maintain a healthy weight
  • You can feel a healthier life


Duodenal Switch Surgery Cons

  • You should consume vitamins for life after duodenal surgery
  • You should be on a diet after surgery
  • Requires expensive fees
  • Special postoperative care is required

Duodenal switch is one way to get a slim and healthy body. If you decide to undergo this surgery, you should consider several risks that can happen. Complying with doctor’s recommendations helps you achieve the best results.