Detox Teas For Weight Loss: 17 Best Detox Tea Product of 2018

Celestial’s Sleepytime Defaf Green tea
IngredientsVitamin C, Mint, Chamomile, Decaffeinated, Lemongrass, Jasmine Flavours, Hawthorn, Rosebuds, Tilia Flowers, Orange blossoms
BenefitsSupport everyday wellness

Prevent the ill effects of free radicals

Burn calories and lose weight

How to consumePour in hot water for 6 minutes to get a delicious flavor
ProsGluten free



3.   Resemary’s Detox Tea Therapy

Dr. Resemary’s Detox Tea Therapy
IngredientsCinnamon, licorice root, organic ginkgo, tribulus, ashwagandha
How to consumeAdd 1 tsp of tea into the cup, add hot water and let stand for 5 minutes. Stir and drink while the tea is still warm
ProsMade from organic baha

Caffeine and gluten free

High quality


                 4.    Magic TeaFit Organic

Fit Tea is a cheap and efficient detox drink that you’re able to include in your everyday meal. The tea cleanse product is intended to lessen bloating, flush body toxins and help out with weight reduction. It is also ideal for weight loss. Therefore, green tea is an ideal all-natural ingredient for overweight individuals to slim down. Furthermore, adding green tea daily to eliminate weight also offers you a very good wellness protection solution for your entire body.

IngredientsPeppermint, Red tea, Nettle leaf, Rosemary leaf, Ginger root, organic stevia, Dandelion root, Lemon peel, Black pepper, Cardamom powder, Oolong tea
BenefitsImprove metabolic system

Cleaning the liver and intestines

Reduce bloating

Remove toxins in the body

Increases fat burning in the body

How to consumeDrink daily 15-30 minutes before breakfast and lunch

                5. Capital Teas Organic Detox Tea

IngredientsOrganic green tea, organic mate, peppermint, ginger, mango pieces, lemon peel, lemon oil, strawberry pieces, ginseng root, liquorice root, mango, lemongrass
BenefitsReduce heart disease

Help balancing cholesterol